Friday, February 1, 2013

Signing Off

Due to a notice of copyright infirngement over the most random trivial image I used once upon a time to exemplify a point, not to take credit for as my own or use to make a profit, I am suspending all blog activities until this issue is settled and I have confidence to blog again. This is was always for fun and right now it is NOT fun to have this hanging over my head. Not worth it. Not good. Don't be lazy with your links people. Find the original source always and get permission or be smart and post only original content. I have learned the hard way. Its been real.


Update: Maybe things aren't quite as dramatic as I thought. It was a only a notice and after doing my research I realized two things: 1) I was totally OK to use the image under the Fair Use Act and 2) the intellectual property lawyer who sent me the letter has a history of trolling the internet and trying to scare bloggers into shady shakedowns. So basically, I fell for it initially, but now I know my rights and all is OK. Regardless, it made me question why I blog and how I feel about it and it still doesn't feel like a good thing. Its a creative outlet for sure, but posting about other creatives' projects and commenting satisfies that itch and it actually keeps me from creating anything in the physical world. Also, I do it for free and its just not worth opening myself to that kind of liability in the future.

So, I'm done with this blog, its served its purpose. I'm still going to blog over at Veneer. But only my own work or progress of my own projects. It will only document things that I have created, big or small. Perhaps thrifting adventures. I won't reference other designer's work there. If that still interests you, head on over. If not, I understand and thank you for your readership to date. Ciao. Xoxo.